tai lieu anh van lop tn6_1 day!!!!

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    tai lieu anh van lop tn6_1 day!!!!

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    Subject pronouns

    Object pronouns

    Possessive adjectives






















    Present simple


    • With to be

    I + am + 0

    I am a teacher


    She + is + 0


    He is a student


    You + are +0


    You are students

    2. Ordinary verb

    S + V/ V-es/V-s

    I go to the English class every Mondays and Wednesdays.

    He goes to the gym every mornings.

    • Yes/No question

    Are you a teacher?

    Am I happy now?

    Is he a student?

    Are you doctors?

    Do you go to the English class every Mondays and Wednesdays?

    Does he goes to the gym every evenings?

    • WH-question

    Who are you?

    How often do you go to the English class?

    What does he do every mornings?

    • Negative form

    I am not a student.

    He doesn’t go to the gym every evening.

    1. Repeated actions (habit, hobby, daily event, schedule event)

    E.g. (for example = exempli gratia)

    He drinks a cup of coffee every morning.

    I play badminton.

    English class starts at 6:15 p.m. (post meridiem)
    2. Facts or generalizations


    I am a teacher.

    You are students.

    Cats eat mice.

    Yogurt is made of milk.

    The Earth is round, it is not flat.
    3. Scheduled events in the future


    When does class begin tomorrow?

    It begins at 7:00 a.m. (ante meridiem)

    The coach leaves tonight at 9 p.m.
    4. Now (non-continuous verbs)


    She is not here now

    He needs help right now

    Do you have your ID card with you?

    1. Introduce you and your new friends. (at least 2 guys)

    • What’s your name?
    • Where are you from?
    • How old are you?
    • What do you like?
    • Where do you live?


    Non-continuous verbs:
    Abstract Verbs

    to be, to want, to cost, to seem, to need, to care, to contain, to owe, to exist...
    Possession Verbs

    to possess, to own, to belong...
    Emotion Verbs

    to like, to love, to hate, to dislike, to fear, to envy, to mind...

    Present Continuous Tense


    am/is/are + V-ing

    1. Now


    I am learning English.

    We are sitting in the class.
    2. Plan


    I am visiting my hometown next weekend.

    We are going to the party tonight.

    3. Repetition and Irritation with “always”


    She is always coming to class late.

    They are always complaining.


    3 groups

    Describe the pictures by actions without speaking.

    Your group members have to guess the pictures.

    Day 2

    Unit 1: You can’t miss it.

    I. Vocabulary:

    1. Prepare at home:

    Find 10 more places and 10 things

    Make sentences with those places and things like the example from your text book “You can buy aspirin at a drugstore.”

    2. Classroom activity:

    3 Group

    Write down as many places and relevant things as possible in 5 minutes.

    The group who has the most places and things will be the winner.
    II. Listening: I need a new swimsuit.

    III. Conversation: It’s across from the park

    1) How many people are there in this conversation?

    2) What is the man looking for? Why?

    3) Where is the rest room?
    IV. Grammar focus: Prepositions of place

    Day 3

    V. Listening: Where is it?

    VI. Conversation: Is it far from here?

    1) How many people are there in the conversation? Who are they?

    2) What does the tourist want?

    3) Where is St. Patrick’s Cathedral?

    4) Where is the Empire State Building?

    V. Grammar focus: Directions

    VI. Reading: A Walk Up Fifth Avenue

    VII. Homework:

    1. Reading:

    Bến Thành Market

    Ben Thanh Market (from Vietnamese Ben meaning "wharf", and Quy Thanh meaning "turtle citadel") is a big marketplace in the downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in District 1. The market is one of the earliest surviving structures in Saigon and today is considered one of symbols of Ho Chi Minh City, popular with tourists seeking local handicrafts, textiles, áo dài, and souvenirs, as well as local cuisine.

    1) Where is Ben Thanh Market?

    2) What is Ben Thanh Market popular with?

    3) Saigon Railway Station

    Saigon Railway Station

    Saigon Railway Station is a railway station in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This station is the largest and most important railroad transportation hub of Vietnam as Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city and the economic center of Vietnam. The station was constructed in early 1930s by the French colonists, as part of the Hanoi-Saigon Railway. The station is situated around 1 km from downtown. Due to the requirements of urban planning, the city government is considering the relocation to the city outskirt of this station in Binh Trieu (Binh Trieu Railway Station). Every year, 1–2 months before Tết, there are always thousands of people queuing here all day to buy tickets home as this is the only booking office of Vietnam Railway Station Corporation. Though electronic booking machines have been adopted, these queues continue due to the monopoly.

    Despite the city being named Ho Chi Minh City after the war, the name of the station has remained the same as ever.

    1) Where is Saigon Railway Station?

    2) How far is it from downtown?

    3) When was it constructed?
    Read more about places in Ho Chi Minh City if you have time, here are some links for your reference:

    1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ho_Chi_Minh_City_Hall

    2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%E1%BB%A7_Chi_tunnels

    3) http://wikitravel.org/en/Ho_Chi_Minh_City
    2. Listening:


    Nicoleta talks about traveling and places she really enjoyed


    Answer the following questions about the interview.

    1) Where does she live in Germany?

    a) Northwest
    b) Northeast
    c) Southwest

    2) What country does she live by?

    a) Polland
    b) Holland
    c) Luxemburg

    3) Where would she like to visit?

    a) South America
    b) Australia
    c) Africa

    4) What other language does she speak?

    a) Polish
    b) Italian
    c) French

    5) What makes her nervous?

    a) Speaking english
    b) Flying on a plane
    c) Meeting new peo


    Todd: OK, Hello!

    Nicoleta: Hello!

    Todd: What's your name?

    Nicoleta: Nicoleta.

    Todd: Hi, Nicoleta. Um, Nicoleta, where are you from?

    Nicoleta: Germany.

    Todd: Great. Great. Where in Germany?

    Nicoleta: It's called Tria, but it's quite, quite small.

    Todd: OK. So like north, east.


    Todd: Southwest.

    Nicoleta: Exactly.

    Todd: OK

    Nicoleta: Near Luxemburg.

    Todd: Oh, OK. Must be pretty. OK, we're going to talk about traveling. Do you like to travel?

    Nicoleta: Yes, Of course.

    Todd: OK, what places have you visited?

    Nicoleta: I've been to some places in Europe and to New York and now I'm in Japan.

    Todd: Wow, you've been all over. OK, what's your favorite place so far?

    Nicoleta: I have three. The Toscana in Italy. New York and I think Tokyo.

    Todd: OK, Wow! One in every continent.

    Todd: Do you have a lot of luggage when you travel?

    Nicoleta: Yeah, if I can yes. I mean there are limits.

    Todd: Sure. So how many suitcases did you have when you came to Tokyo?

    Nicoleta: Mm, one. A big one. Yeah, it's about 20 kilo, so, yeah.

    Todd: OK, where would you like to go?

    Nicoleta: Oh, that's difficult. I don't know. South America maybe.

    Todd: OK. Do you speak Spanish?

    Nicoleta: No, but yeah, I mean.

    Todd: Actually, you speak English perfect

    Nicoleta: Oh, no.

    Todd: And you speak German. So, do you speak any other languages?

    Nicoleta: Yeah, I speak French and yeah, I'm doing a little bit Japanese but..

    Todd: Oh, yeah, it's hard yeah!

    Nicoleta: It's very hard yeah.

    Todd: I've been here four years and my Japanese is terrible. Last question, are you nervous when you fly?

    Nicoleta: Yes, definitely.

    Todd: Yeah.

    Nicoleta: Yeah.

    Todd: Yeah, me too.


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